Blackjack Card Counting – Beat The Dealership & Win

Once the little-known professor of mathematics, Edward Thorpe, authored his now classic book, “Beat the dealership”, the science of blackjack card counting was formally born.

So what exactly is blackjack card counting and why do you use it? We’ll take a look at blackjack card counting here along with a method any player will discover easily to use and win consistently.

Blackjack card counting & how you can beat the dealership

Professor Thorpe demonstrated that if you’re able to follow what cards which have been performed you may also figure out what cards were left within the deck.

Getting this understanding can guide a person about how he should play his hands to benefit from the chances.

When the player could determine there were more cards left that favored themself (as opposed to the dealer), the gamer had a benefit and might increase the bet size to take advantage of his advantage.

In blackjack card counting low cards favor the dealership and cards favor the gamer.


Since the low cards assist the dealer to create winning totals on his hands as he must “hit” (what this means is as he includes a 12, 13, 14, 15, or 16 total on his first couple of cards, the guidelines say he or she must draw a card).

High cards in blackjack card counting favor the gamer not just simply because they may bust the dealership as he hits stiffs, speculate both tens and Aces mean blackjacks for that player.

Probability the important thing to blackjack card counting

In blackjack card counting you aren’t needed to count the figures of each one of the individual cards to obtain an edge on the casino.

All that you should know happens when when is wealthy or poor in high cards.

Keep your following in your mind:

Blackjack card counters don’t commit to memory each card worked.

Blackjack card counting won’t let you know what card is originating next.

Card counting is only a probability theory that may turn the chances within the players favor within the lengthy-term which was the truth that Thorpe explored in “Beat The Dealership”

How you can count cards

All blackjack card counting methods are based on blackjack fundamental strategy, this really is simple to learn and before you do, you will find pre printed cards around the internet free.

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